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We live progress. Including in your sector

We always start with the customer and their specific needs. We develop innovative and efficient industry solutions based on the requirements in your industry. We aim to get even closer to our customers in order to cover the needs of the various sectors.

For this reason, we offer you more than just standard maintenance and servicing software. We offer you the first self-explanatory maintenance tool that is tailored to your requirements and your industry.
Your needs are the focus of our work.

We live progress  – including in your sector. Find out for yourself and prepare to be impressed.

We offer solutions for the following industries:

Manufacturing – automotive

Food industry

Medicine and nursing


Transport and logistics

Trade and crafts


Hotel industry and hospitality

Public service

And many other industries...

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...from a clear and concise representation of your maintenance appointments, and from structured and transparent maintenance.
More than 500+ users already benefit from the advantages of InstaPro.

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