A strong team of motivated people with ideas, a thirst for knowledge and a strong urge to get things done.

Our focus is always on a combination of innovation, continuous development and a clear focus on relevant potential for improvement. At the same time, we have placed special emphasis on developing extremely user-friendly maintenance software.

We see the continuous improvement of our own processes as an indispensable skill for ensuring our success. Our goal is to integrate the added value and valuable thoughts of every employee and every customer into our company.

We value our collegial and open corporate culture and are always amenable to new ideas and approaches. Together, we want to make a difference and simplify complicated processes. There are certain values that drive us and support us every day on the path ahead of us.




Relationships are built on trust. For us, this is an essential basis for dealing openly and honestly with one another. It is therefore very important to us to create space for the thoughts of each and every employee. We are convinced that in an environment of trust and freedom, the greatest possible creativity can develop. We offer space for unusual ideas and completely new approaches.


Curiosity paired with critical questioning allows people to think differently. It is exactly this that we consider to be an important and essential factor for developing new paths and possibilities. Anyone who does not question the status quo does not develop further. We want to develop further every day and live progress every single day.


We love diversity and appreciate the variety of our customers and the different industries in which we operate successfully. Diversity broadens our horizons, enriches us with a variety of experiences, and broadens our view of the many different challenges that we face every day. Under these conditions, we can move great things together.


We are doers. Each of us loves our work and thinks in a solution-oriented way. For us, the question is not whether we will do something, but how we will do it. Technical expertise paired with short decision-making processes enable us to implement ideas and break new ground.


We develop innovative software products for maintenance and servicing. Our aim at all times is to provide products that offer high added value to our customers because they meet their demanding needs and simplify their day-to-day work.

Our products convince manufacturing companies from the automotive sector, electronics development, the pharmaceutical industry and the plastics industry, as well as large printing companies and concrete plants, but also small craft businesses.

We see continuous process optimisation as the greatest factor for our success, and therefore question ourselves anew every day.

We love the opportunities offered by digital change and the rapid pace at which the market is developing, and we look forward to all the challenges we are yet to face.

"Even the best system is worthless, 
if it's so complicated
that your employees don't like working with it... "

-Matthias Gröger, Managing Director LectioPro GmbH